a.gif What is a Business Plan?

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What is a Business Plan?
A business plan is a blueprint of your business. It is a detailed plan from which all other plans should be developed.. read more...

a.gif Forms of Business Structure

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Forms of Business Structure
There are several legal forms to choose from when selecting the best means of structuring your business. Carefully considering the various options before start may save time and money later. There are several forms of business structures including:. read more...

a.gif Where to look for business opportunities

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Where to look for business opportunities
(1) They can develop/evolve as a result of your personal background including your previous jobs, hobbies and personal experiences, or
(2) From opportunities in the external environment or general market place. read more...

a.gif Where do entrepreneurs come from and how do they develop?

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Where do entrepreneurs come from and how do they develop?
If you choose an entrepreneurial career much will depend on your ability to learn quickly from experience, cope with uncertainty, respond to changing circumstances, and deal with unexpected critical incidents. You will find these things less difficult if you develop your general enterprising tendencies.. read more...