a.gif Developing a Financial Plan

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Developing a Financial Plan
Completing a thorough financial analysis of your business will help you determine whether or not this business is viable. Can you make enough money in this business for your personal needs, to run the business and make a profit? Knowing your monthly sales and expenses helps you make good decisions such as when to purchase equipment, hire staff or use your line of credit.. read more...

a.gif Developing Business Ideas and Opportunities

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Developing Business Ideas and Opportunities
You may have considered the prospect of starting your own business many times before. The thought of being your own boss – calling the shots, being responsible for your own financial rewards – is very alluring. You may have had the drive, the experience, and the financial resources necessary to succeed. The only thing stopping you were figuring out what type of business you should start.. read more...

a.gif How to develop ones Enterprising Tendencies?

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How to develop ones Enterprising Tendencies?
At some point in an entrepreneurial career a person has to start developing experience and learning actively about what they do best and what they should learn to do better, and the sooner they start learning actively the sooner they start being enterprising.. read more...