Agribusiness is defined as the business activities involved in

(i) supplying of inputs needed for farming and
(ii) Marketing of the products grown from farm.

Agribusiness encompass from production to consumption, it includes provision of all the goods and services required to produce farm commodities and get them to consumers. This definition implies an interdependence, or blend, between agriculture and related business.

Relationship between Agriculture and Agribusiness

The notion that agriculture is only farming is erroneous for the farmer of today. The current level of production by the farmer today and the purpose of producing for the market require the support of agribusiness. Agriculture is nowadays often said to include all of the services and activities involved in producing plants and animals and their products and in getting the products to the consumers. Thus agriculture and agribusiness are inseparable

Development of Agribusiness

Development of agribusiness in many countries is historical. It is almost impossible to differentiate between changes in agriculture and changes in other sectors of the economy.

Major contributors

β€’ Quality and use of natural resources
β€’ Rapid industrial development
β€’ Development of transportation and communication systems
β€’ Regional specialization
β€’ Mechanization
β€’ Research and education
β€’ Work ethics of people

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