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🅾 *Police Questioning a Robber:*

*Police:* How did you come to know that there was no one in the house?

*Robber:* The update of the entire family with 15 photos was available on facebook. *_"Enjoying Holidays away from home for one week_".*

Think about this seriously.

*_Be careful what you put on facebook._*

Discuss this with your children & wards.

*_Stop sharing personal information on the social media!!!_*

📛 Don't advertise your happiness on social media.

📛 Don't advertise your happy marriage On social media.

📛 Don't advertise your holidays on social media.

📛 Don't advertise your kids
achievements on social media.

📛 Don't advertise your pregnancy on social media.

📛 Don't advertise your expensive buys on social media. (Car, house etc).

‼ Don't advertise flying from airport (A) to airport (B).

‼ No one is going to be happy for you.

‼ All the _"nice"_ comments you get are just fake.

‼ You just attracting the evil eye on you, & your family.

‼ You are just attracting jealous people into your life.

‼ You don't know who's saving your pictures, & checking your updates

‼ You really need to stop this, as it is going to ruin your life, family, marriage.

‼ Social media partly is the devil's eyes, ears & mouth.
Don't fall into the devil's trap.

May God help us, & save us from social media disaster !!!

*_Please pass it on to everyone in your contact list._* 👍✌

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