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👉[DON'T MISS] Funny phone call

*_A thief and a madman!_*

_A thief stole a television set from a house, as he ran out. A mad man who was a resident in that house gave the thief a hot chase._

_The more the thief ran,the more the mad man increased his pace…._

_The thief could not run any more and at a point he gave up and sat under a tree._
_The mad man caught up with him and sat next to him panting for breathe._

_After a while, the thief broke the silence._

*_Thief:_* _Why are you chasing me?_
*_Mad man:_* _You forgot the remote control._😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

_Don't just fear any haters, some are just helping you to get to another level._😃😃.

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