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Here is a lady disembarking from a matatu, she drops something unaware and a shabbily and dirty dressed boy picks it up.

Boy: sorry sis can you give me an ear
Gal: leave me alone you vagrant bustard
Boy: Please sis give an ear, I know I am dirty but kindly listen to me.
Gal: if you know you are dirty what do you want? I want nothing to do with you.
Boy: I just want to pass an important message and leave.
Gal: you are not the type to pass messages to me you filth brat…..
Boy: just a second Miss, wait look I am pleading
Gal: Hey he wants to rob me, help help me (lady shouted ).
Boy: I am not trying to rob you. I want to help.
(A mob begin to beat up the boy.)
Boy: I am sorry I only wanted to assist her (the boy shouts)
mob: You are a chokora who said you can assist this beautiful lady? (The beating continues).
Gal: beat him up! He wanted to steal from me. Kill him they always harass us around here
Boy: if you knew you wouldn't beat me, can I tell you the truth (they leave him, bleeding, injured and weak).
Mob: we will kill you if you don't talk
Boy: my sis when you disembarked from the matatu you dropped your purse and that time I was stopping you, I wanted return it to you. Here take it.
Gal: ooh my God, I am sorry, I didnt know, am sorry (the mob fall silent and started to flee).
The chokora gets up, starts to slowly walk away frail and very weak .
Gal: brother don't walk away.
Boy: you said I am not your type sis and that am a filthly vagrant bye.
Gal: oi please wait, I want to thank you.
Boy: there is nothing you can do now to a to a vagrant, and y if I die you, my blood will haunt you for the rest of your life.
Gal opens her purse, check the contents and everything is intact. In the purse there were bank cards and a Lotto ticket with a winning prize of 1 million. Nothing missing.

One week later

The lady after a week goes to church to thank God for the miracle . When she gets there, she is surprised to see a tent and a coffin and a funeral procession.
She inquired only to be answered

this is the body of another young man from this church who went missing. His parents have been searching for him without success. We found him dead after being beaten by a mob.
Gal remembered the vagrant boy and his words "if I die my blood will haunt you forever". She wept uncontrollably.
How many have men and women etc have you psychologically and spiritual killed because you despised their social status? How many of them did you insult when they only requested assistance from you? You may have caused someone's death, not necessarily physically probably emotionally, spiritualy or psychologically because of your arrogance… .
Matt. 25:40-46
Truly truly i tell you Whatever you did to one of these little brothers and sisters you did it me …… depart from me…."

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