*Peter and his girlfriend Mercy were walking during the night..*

*Peter:* Baby lets do wiwichu!.
*Mercy:* Sweety no, am not ready for this.
*Peter:* Baby please let's do wiwichu! You know
I love you.
*Mercy:* If you love me, you will
understand then
that I dont want to do wiwichu!.
*Peter understood her and they continued walking.. After some time..*

*Peter:* Please, lets do wiwichu! We are all alone here no one can see us..
*Mercy:* No baby, I just want to be
wrapped in your
*Peter:* Please baby we haven't done wiwichu in a long time. The last time we did it was last year..
*Mercy:* Ok! Lets do it but make it
(Peter pulled out a guitar in his back
and started singing together with Mercy..)
"We wich you a merry christmas, we wich you a merry
christmas, we wich a merry christmas
and a happy
new year!"
May the lord forgive your

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