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Possible questions during presentation are;

  1. Why did you choose this study?or this tittle?
  2. What fostered you to choose this study?
  3. What are the main objectives of the study?
  4. How far where your objectives met?
  5. How did you limit yourself in the study?
  6. What are key terms in your study?
  7. What are the major theories in your research and how did you use the theories
  8. Did you have any emperical analysis ;how did the emperical analysis help you in your research endeavor?
  9. What was your research gap?
  10. What were your variables?
  11. How did you operationalize your variables?
  12. What is research design and what research design did you adapt?
  13. Where was area of study and why?
  14. What was the population of the study ?
  15. What was your sample size?
  16. What sampling strategies or sampling techniques you used?
  17. What instruments of data collection did adapt?
  18. Why such instruments or tools
  19. How did you analyze your data?
  20. Did you have any modal for data analysis?
  21. Was research quantitative or qualitative in nature or both and why?
  22. Did you have inferential analysis??
  23. What are key findings?
  24. How far were objectives met?
  25. What policy implications does your research provide?
  26. Suppose you are given an other chance to do again this research would you do it the same way? Or differently?

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