How to develop ones Enterprising Tendencies?

At some point in an entrepreneurial career a person has to start developing experience and learning actively about what they do best and what they should learn to do better, and the sooner they start learning actively the sooner they start being enterprising.

The first steps of an entrepreneurial career, in the start-up stage of business development when the sacrifices and risks are relatively small, is a relatively safe way to start learning actively because it involves mainly the collection of information without serious financial commitment. However, it requires a good deal of effort and contact with a variety of people. It has to be done quickly by informal methods for which there are no β€˜how to’ manuals, so participants have to use their ingenuity to discover who they need to talk to get to see them quickly and persuade them to provide the information required.

Some Suggestions for Developing Entrepreneurial Behavior

β€’ Always ask the question β€œ is there a better way”
β€’ Challenge custom, routine, and tradition
β€’ Be reflective, often staring at windows, deep in thought
β€’ Play mental games, trying to see something from a different perspective
β€’ Realise that there might be more than one answer
β€’ See mistakes and failures as mere pit stops on the way to success
β€’ Relate seemingly unrelated ideas to a problem to generate innovative solutions
β€’ Have helicopter skills and tendencies – the ability to rise above the daily routine to see an issue from a broader perspective and then swooping back down to focus on an area in need of change
β€’ Identify yourself with successful people
β€’ Expose yourself to difficult and challenging situations
β€’ Share information with others
β€’ Add value to everything you do
β€’ Be an achiever - Finish what you start
β€’ Set long-term goals
β€’ Meet and talk with other entrepreneurs
β€’ Try to make things happen for yourself
β€’ Solve own problems before seeking help
β€’ Be proud/feel good about your work
β€’ Build up stamina
β€’ Observe others and copy
β€’ Experiment

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