1. Warm your girl up.
  2. Make her feel you find her attractive.
  3. Be the best version of yourself.
  4. Be confident, even if you don't act like it.
  5. Clean up.
  6. Know how to treat a girl like a lady.
  7. Start with slow, gentle touches.
  8. Whisper in her ear.
  9. Caress her.
  10. Touch the back of her neck.
  11. Touch her wrists.
  12. Play with her hair.
  13. Touch her leg.
  14. Give her an amazing kiss.
  15. Look for consent.
  16. Tell her what you want.
  17. Focus on more intimate erogenous zones.
  18. Use some variety.
  19. Leave her wanting more.
  20. Driving Her Wild
  21. Pay attention to lubrication.
  22. Kiss around her mouth.
  23. Master the stomach, side, and pelvic kiss.
  24. Take your time when you undress her once you've made sure she's happy undressing.
  25. Introduce just a smidgen of kink.
  26. Learn some women anatomy.

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