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If all you do in next year is make the right choice or the best choice possible I guarantee you will succeed!
• Choose the salad over the double cheese burger!
• Choose going to the gym over sitting down and relaxing and watching mindless TV!

• Choose Working on your business idea instead of hanging out with mates and drinking too much on the weekends.
• Choose saving your money instead of spending it on useless things you don't even really want!
• Invest your time on your own personal development & growth instead of wasting your time on entertainment!
• Choose to spend your time in inspiring environments rather than places or with people who don't move you closer to your dreams!
• Choose to speak well and dress well rather than trying to be cool and hip!
• Choose to make those 10 extra sales calls after 5pm rather than just leaving as soon at it hits 5pm!
• Choose to get to bed a little earlier so you can wake up and start your day before 5am!
• It all starts with YOU being aware of your own self and your objectives & goals!
• Being conscience of your own self and your every decision and choice is the key to success in life and if next year is going to be your year, YOU are going to have to be totally aware of your thoughts, feelings and actions…100% of the time!
• It is no longer acceptable to get through the day mindlessly and expect things to change….they won't change if you keep running the same patterns that got you into this mess in the first place!
• You need to be aware 100% of the time of your thought, feelings, actions and your goals and outcomes so you can start making choices that move you towards your greatest victory in 2017 and beyond!

See you at the top and all the best.

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