1. Do not send or receive messages.
  2. Think before you send a message.
  3. Immediately delete any inappropriate pictures you receive.
  4. Contact an adult you trust.
  5. Blocking Their Messages
  6. Block the person on social media.
  7. Determine the person's intent.
  8. Consider why the sexting upsets you.
  9. Ask the text sender to stop sending you inappropriate messages or photos.
  10. Decide how to talk to a romantic partner.
  11. Seek help if you are at work.
  12. Handle a sext from a stranger.
  13. Determine how to talk to a friend.
  14. Do not encourage the other person's sexting.
  15. Contacting an Authority Figure
  16. Talk to a parent or trusted adult.
  17. Get law enforcement involved.
  18. Talk to a victim advocate.

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