Updated: 20 Mar 2018 13:05. By, Melkisedeck Shine.

  1. Choose an appropriate time and place.
  2. Take responsibility yourself.
  3. Be open and direct about your feelings.
  4. Keep it short.
  5. Offer friendship, if you're able.
  6. Speak without cliches.
  7. Do not place blame.
  8. Avoid social media in the direct aftermath.
  9. Focus on the good times.
  10. Be upfront about lessening contact.
  11. Act civil after the breakup.
  12. Resist thinking of your ex as your one true love.
  13. Ask yourself, Are you sure that you want to end the relationship?
  14. Ask yourself, Are you trying to break contact completely, or just return to friendship?
  15. Ask yourself, Is your relationship in a lull, or fatally flawed?
  16. Ask yourself, Would a quick, clean break up be better for everyone?
  17. Ask yourself, What can you do instead of a gentle let down?