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V.gif What do you call a shoe made from a banana?

A slipper.

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V.gif What’s black and white over and over again?

A penguin rolling down a hill.

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V.gif Why did the Cyclops stop teaching?

Because he only had one pupil.

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V.gif How long should an elephant’s legs be?

Long enough to reach the ground.

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V.gif Why did everyone want the music teacher to be on their baseball team?

Because she had the perfect pitch.

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V.gif What did the hamburger name her daughter?


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V.gif Relationship Between Men-Men and Women-Women

A woman doesn’t
come home one night. The
next day she tells her
husband that she had slept
over at a girlfriend's house. The husband calls his wife's
10 best friends. None of
them know anything about
it.A man doesn’t come home
one night. The next day he tells his wife that he had
slept over at a friend’s
house. The wife calls her
husband's 10 best men
friends. Eight of them
confirm that he had slept over, and two claim that he
was still there.
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V.gif Why did the teacher have to wear sunglasses?

Because her students were so bright.

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V.gif What do birds do on Halloween?

They go trick or tweeting.

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V.gif Which flower talks the most?

Tulips, because they have two lips.

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V.gif What do you call a left-handed dog?

A south paw.

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V.gif What time is it when you have a toothache?

Answer: Tooth Hurty.

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V.gif What did the doctor diagnose the horse with when he wasn’t feeling well?

ANSWER: Hay fever.

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V.gif Call balance among girls and boys

If a girL has
baLance in her ceLL, then she
has a boy friend,

If a boy has baLance in his
ceLL, then he has no girL
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V.gif What did the squirrel give for Valentine’s Day?


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