AckySHINE Consultant

Ackyshine Consultant is a consultancy office operating in Tanzania and providing professional services in the areas of social science research and project planning management and evaluation.

Main services

  1. Research methodology
  2. Research Design/Planning
  3. Data collection
  4. Data Processing and analysis
  5. Project/Programme management and evaluation
  6. (M&E) Monitoring and Evaluation Project/Programme
  7. Planning and implementation
  8. Web design and Development
  9. And Other relating services

These services are provided by (Me) Melkisedeck Leon Shine as an expert in research and projects. (Bachelor of Rural Development and Master of Project Management and Evaluation at SUA)

I am well placed to ensure optimum solutions for our numerous clients’ projects.

I prefer a relationship based on mutual trust, co-operation, and communication

For me, the trust between the consultant and client is paramount. Enjoy the friendly atmosphere of my office when visiting me.

My priority is a responsible and professional approach to every detail

I will give you answers to your questions, as well as propose measures for improvement

The experience and professionalism enable me to approach each project with due responsibility and to design a comprehensive optimum solution, which is further enhanced by our co-action with established law firms as well as expert and other professional offices. Through this local co-operation, we are able to address almost all the individual needs of our clients.


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