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Melkisedeck Leon Shine

Specialize on Social Science Research, Project/Programme planning, implementation (management), Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)

Updated on April, 2018

About Expert

Melkisedeck Shine is professional expert in the areas of social science research and project planning management and evaluation prepared to be hired as an active employee.

He is interested in planning, monitoring and evaluation, research, poverty analysis, conflicts management, gender and development, development entrepreneurship, web development together with information and communication management. He is a technology enthusiast with computer application, web development skills and ready to learn new technology skills or innovations. Apart from that, he has an experience in community development, web development, and social science research.

As a community development expert, he wants to facilitate and enable people to do something for their development not to help them by doing something. He believe in sustainable community development. For example he thinks that solution for community problems is within community, what community development expert needs to do is to facilitate and direct community to know solution and to solve problem themselves. This will enable them to solve problems in the future without a community development expert.

He is community development expert who believe in community development by community and for the community.

Specific Areas of Specialization


Melkisedeck Shine specialize on

  1. Research methodology
  2. Research Design/Planning
  3. Data collection
  4. Data Processing and analysis
  5. Project/Programme management and evaluation
  6. (M&E) Monitoring and Evaluation
  7. Project/Programme Planning and implementation
  8. Strategic planning
  9. Logical Framework analysis
  10. Community Development
  11. Gender and Development
  12. Web design and Development
  13. And Other relating services

Academic Qualifications

Melkisedeck Leon Shine as an expert in research and projects, Has a Bachelor of Rural Development and Master of Project Management and Evaluation. Both from Sokoine Univercity of Agriculture (SUA)

He is current Master of project management and evaluation student (2017/2018) at Socoine University of Agriculture, he is also a Bachelor of Rural development graduate (2016) at the same university.

During Bachelor and Master degree studies he gained knowledge and skills on development planning, monitoring and evaluation, social science research methodology, training and facilitation, human resources management and administration, gender and development, democracy and governance, international relation and cooperation, public policy, psychology, sociology, economics, finance, agriculture marketing, cooperative management, agriculture extension, computer application, entrepreneurship and other skills which associated with community development


Work Experience

He is a committed person with experience in Community development, research and project planning, monitoring and evaluation.

1. Participatory Action Research (2018)

2. Project Evaluation (2018)

3. Working with Local government Authority - (2015 & 2016)

4. Research design, data collection, data processing and analysis (2016 & 2017)

5. (Since 2014) Online Services/consultation in the following

  • Youth coaching and counseling
  • Web design and Development
  • Research methodology
  • Project management and evaluation
  • Agriculture entrepreneurship
  • Small scale farming guide


Updated on April, 2018

He is Current available for hire as consultant. He will be available for full time after completing ongoing Master studies on Project Management and Evaluation.

If you want to hire him for full time after his Masters studies (2019) contact him for appointment and arrangements.

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