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A Tips of being yourself

Who Are You? There's no possible way you can be yourself without knowing who you really are. You pretend to idolize football player David Beckham because your neighbor does and you want to gain his approval. Soon enough you will realize that you don't know what interests you because you've been whiling away time with what least interests you. Understand yourself, figure out where your deepest passion lies and be proud of your qualities. Contemplate your life and the choices you've made. Take personality tests and you will eventually disentangle the buried mesh of what had been your true interests and hobbies all along! Accept it with pride! Forget The World! So what if the person besides you passed a nasty comment on your outfit. As long as you're comfortable, does it really make a difference to your welfare? Or do you hesitate to raise your hand in class to ask the question that's persistently been pestering you simply because you fear your classmates might find it silly and doubt your intelligence. Why is their opinion even worth it? You should feel stupid for putting their opinions before your clarity on the subject! Forget the world, live your life and be yourself. Happiness will be right behind you! Breathe & Be Honest Why do you want to live through the rest of your life safeguarding your sticky web of lies? Life is never rosy for anybody. Maybe at the beginning, you might not be as fortunate as certain other coveted beings. Nevertheless, if you hold your breath and take each day as it comes, life's delicate balance will soon manifest itself. There is no good reason to be ashamed of who you are. Whether it's a physical or mental shortcoming, the most trusted way to overcoming it is by acknowledging it with courage. We are all blighted with flaws and by hiding them, we are only adding to that list! Express Your Individuality The moment self-confidence is on your side, a beautiful and unique personality will blossom! Standing out isn't easy but it usually comes from within. It might be a skill, or a manner of speaking or infectious charisma. Build up on a character that singles you out from everybody in your planet. Be yourself. Even oddly colored slippers might accentuate your eccentric character after which you might garner admiration from different sides. Don't be a prototype, be a proud unique individual. Believe In Yourself Take off that hideous mask and unleash the beauty hidden underneath its eternal ugliness! If you try to be what you're not, you're going to be unhappy through the remainder of your fake life. Thrive on solitude, engage in soul searching and you will soon be well acquainted with your new best friend- The Real You. Life will soon turn into a elongated party interspersed with memorable episodes of sadness, joy, laughter, bitterness and all the emotions experienced in the life that is worth living!

soma zaidi kuhusu Tips of being yourself

A Angalia kilichonikuta nilipoenda kwa mganga

Usije ukaenda kwa mganga, mwenzako yamenikuta, yani masharti niliyopewa, acha tu,
yalikua hivi:-
1.Jasho la nyoka.
2.Manyoya ya mende.
3.Sisimizi Shoga.
4.Mbwa mjane.
5.Kuku aliye single.
6.Samaki mwenye miaka miwili bila kuoga
7.Mti wenye ujauzito.
8.Mbavu za Nzi.
9.Nywele za Kiroboto.
10.Mwanya wa Mbu.
Duuh..!! mwanangu kwa hali hii mbona itakula kwako.
Wengine wanasemaga
IGA UFE! Rizik anagawa Mungu tu shetan simuelew!

soma zaidi kuhusu Angalia kilichonikuta nilipoenda kwa mganga

A Interesting facts from beans

I found this interesting …
Before you cook beans you go through a selection process in which all the seemingly bad beans are thrown away so only the good beans remain for cooking.
However, when rain comes, the bad beans you threw away in the backyard become seeds, germinate and grow into beautiful crops, with luscious leaves.
From them come plenty of bean seeds and the very same person who judged and threw them away will pluck the leaves and seeds for a healthy meal.
You may be judged, despised and discarded today, but, who knows, the same people judging you will turn to you in your moment of glory.
Do not curse yourself when the world look down on you. Your rain could be a matter of time. Your germination moment could just be around the corner!.Stay focused on your life goals and give your job the best. The best is yet to come.!

soma zaidi kuhusu Interesting facts from beans

A Huyu mwanafunzi kweli kiboko

``Ticha: Wa kwanza kujibu swali langu ataenda Home mapema..John kusikia hivyo....Karusha begi la daftari nje.....` **`Ticha akauliza: Nani karusha begi nje!?!`* `John: Mimi..... Kwa herii Mwalimu......` πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚,πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

soma zaidi kuhusu Huyu mwanafunzi kweli kiboko

A Ugonjwa wa kichomi

Kichomi ni moja ya dalili za ugonjwa moyo. Kupatwa kichomi mara moja moja si vibaya.
Ukipatwa muda mrefu au kila wakti ; basi Β…chunguza zaidi.
Kichomi husababishwa au kinaweza kuwa.
1. Dalili ya matatizo ya tumbo lenye asidi (acid) kuzidi
2. Dalili za ugonjwa wa moyo uitwao Ischemic
Jambo la kuangalia ni je?
1. Unashikwa kichomi ukiwa unatembea?
2. Umeinama au umelala
3. Ukishakula chakula
Kama unapatwa kichomi wakati ukitembea au ukishafanya mazoezi makali ina maana kuna tatizo la damu kuingia sawasawa au kuzunguka (circulation) katika moyo.
Kama unapatwa kichomi baada ya kula ina maana kuna tatizo katika chakula unachokula. Je mlo wako una acid(uchachu) sana? Je, unakula vyakula vyenye pilipili na binzari(spices) kwa
wingi sana? Kama una kula sana vyakula vyenye asidi ina maana tumbo lako halimengΒ’enyui sawasawa linachoka.
Kawaida binadamu unabidi kubadili badili ulaji. Usirudie vitu fulani fulani kila siku. Mathalan usiweke pilipili katika kila mlo.
Tatizo jingine ni ulaji wa chakula chenye chumvi nyingi sana. Chumvi inakorofisha pia mzunguko wa damu mwilini.
Hasa kama hunywi maji.
Kunywa sana Maji ya Uvuguvugu yatakusaidia kuondowa tatizo la kichomi.

soma zaidi kuhusu Ugonjwa wa kichomi

A Kuangalia picha za ngono

Neno la Msingi:
Zaburi 101:3
Ò€œSitaweka mbele ya macho yangu Neno la uovu. Kazi yao waliopotoka naichukia, Haitaambatana nami.Ò€
Watu wengi wameanguka katika mtego huu wa Ibilisi na kujikuta wakifanya mambo ya "AIBU" wanapokuwa sehemu zao za Siri iwe ni chumbani au bafuni. Wanaume wamejikuta wakipiga punyeto (Mastubation) na Wanawake wakijisaga ( wanatumia mikono yao na viungo vyao vingine kama njia ya kujikidhi hali zao za tamaa mbaya waliloziamsha wao wenyewe). Haipaswi kamwe kuwa hivyo. Biblia inasema tusiyachochee wala kuyaamsha "mapenzi" mpaka yatakavyoona yenyewe (Wimbo ulio bora 2:7, 3:5). Naomba tufuatane pamoja kwenye somo hili muhimu sana ambalo litakuweka huru mbali na "utumwa wa fikra za kingono"
Neno PICHA ni kivuli cha mtu, watu, kitu n.k. PICHA si kitu halisi bali ni kivuli chake. Unaweza ukapewa PICHA ya mtu lakini usifahamu urefu wake au ni mfupi kiasi gani lakini sura yake ukawa umeiweka katika kumbukumbu yako. NGONO ni kitendo cha mtu, watu kufanya kitendo cha kujamiana (Tendo la Ndoa) na pia ni ile hali ya kuwa uchi wa mnyama. Kuangalia picha za ngono ni kitendo cha kuangalia watu wakifanya Matendo ya kujamiana iwe kwa njia ya asili, kinyume na maumbile au kufanya na wanayama. Kitendo hicho huleta kuchochea tamaa ya miili kiasi ambacho watu wengine hufanya mambo ya "AIBU" katika nyumba zao (Warumi 1:24-28). PICHA za NGONO zimeenea kila mahali kwa sasa, kwenye simu yako unaweza ukakutana na "uchafu" wa namna hiyo. Wahindi wao picha za ngono huziita "kachumbali" na unaweza ukamkuta Mhindi amekaa na familia yake anaangalia "kachumbali" wanadai inanogesha utamu wanapofika kitandani. Huko ni kujidanganya Mungu hakumletea Adamu PICHA ya NGONO bali alimletea mke ambaye watashirikiana naye kwenye Tendo Takatifu (Mwanzo 2:18, 21-25). Wakati mmoja Mfalme Daudi wakati watu wake wa vita wamekwenda vitani yeye akawa yuko ghorofani anaangalia "PICHA LIVE" ya NGONO mwanamke alikuwa akioga matokeo yake yakawa ni kufanya kitendo chenyewe na kuamua kumuua mume wa Bathsheba (2Samweli 11:2-27).
Ò€œIkawa wakati wa jioni, Daudi akaondoka kitandani, akatembea juu ya dari ya jumba la mfalme; na alipokuwa juu ya dari aliona mwanamke anaoga; naye huyo mwanamke alikuwa mzuri sana, wa kupendeza macho. Naye Daudi akapeleka, akauliza habari za yule mwanamke. Mtu mmoja akasema, Je! Huyu siye Bath-sheba, binti Eliamu, mkewe Uria, Mhiti?Ò€………..
Kile kitendo cha Daudi "kuona" lilikuwa kosa kubwa la kiufundi katika akili yake likamchanganya. Ndivyo ilivyo kwa PICHA ZA NGONO lazima ukiangalia upate "UKICHAA" wa muda ukajikuta umeng'ang'ania sabuni au ndizi ukiwa unapiga punyeto. Ni aibu sana sana mtu mwenye heshima zako kama wewe labda wewe ni meneja, mkurugenzi, mtu mwenye Elimu yako ya maana unakutwa unaangaika sabuni, godoro au toy la jinsia ya kiume.
Kuangalia picha za ngono "NI DHAMBI" kwa herufi kubwa. Katika Sheria ya Musa ilikuwa mtu anahesabika kuwa ametenda dhambi pale ambapo atakutwa akifanya kitendo hicho au kukiwa na mashahidi wawili au watatu atatakiwa kuhukumiwa sawasawa na Sheria husika. Kwenye dhambi ya uzinzi mtu alitakiwa apigwe mawe hadi afe sivyo kwa Sheria ya Kristo yenyewe inazungumzia juu ya kitendo cha "kutamani" tu unahesabika kuwa umefanyika DHAMBI (Mathayo 6:27-29, Waebrania 10:28). Tamaa mbaya ni dhambi kama dhambi nyinginezo. Kwa kawaida tamaa huja na ile tamaa huchukua mimba na baadaye huzaa dhambi (Yakobo 1:13-16). Kitendo cha kuangalia picha za ngono hupofusha "FIKRA" nzuri za mtu alizonazo. Mawazo machafu uanza kutawala katika ubongo wako hadi "USHUSHE" huo mzigo ulioko kwenye viungo vyako vya uzazi. Ahaaa ni hatari aiseeee. Wewe unayengalia picha za ngono Kama ndiyo starehe yako unaiharibi nafsi yako "unakuwa zezeta wa akili" Biblia inasema "taa ya Mwili jicho na jicho lako likiwa safi mwili wako wote utakuwa na nuru. Lakini jicho lako likiwa bovu mwili wako wote utakuwa na giza.."(Mathayo 6:22-23). Kwa wale wanandoa ni "MWIKO" kutumia picha za ngono ili kunogesha kufanya Tendo la Ndoa. Wewe mume unaye hapo "chombo" unakiona "live" na kimethibitishwa na Mungu mwenyewe sasa hiyo mipicha ya nini? Kila kiungo Mungu alikiweka kwa ajili ya kusudi maalum kama ni mdomo kwa ajili ya kuongea na kupitisha chakula na si kunyonya sehemu za Siri za mwenzi wako. Mungu ameweka sehemu ya "haja kubwa" kwa ajili ya kutolea uchafu uliotengenezwa na tumbo na si kiungo kingine kiende kukoroga "zege" hilo huo ni uchafu(Ufunuo 22:10-15).
Warumi 1:26:27
Ò€œHivyo Mungu aliwaacha wafuate tamaa zao za aibu, hata wanawake wakabadili matumizi ya asili kwa matumizi yasiyo ya asili; wanaume nao vivyo hivyo waliyaacha matumizi ya mke, ya asili, wakawakiana tamaa, wanaume wakiyatenda yasiyopasa, wakapata nafsini mwao malipo ya upotevu wao yaliyo haki yao.Ò€

soma zaidi kuhusu Kuangalia picha za ngono

A Mzee wa kichaga na hela zake. Angalia anachofanya

Mzee moja alikuwa kila usiku anapita mbele ya bank anasimama,kisha anapiga honi,akitoka askari mlinzi,anaondoka.Hilo jambo likamkera sana askari mlinzi, askari akawa na mvizia yule mzee wa kichaga ,siku alipokuja tena akamkamata, akamuuliza kwa nini unakuja unapiga honi kisha unakimbia? Mzee akasema: Haki ya mungu babaangu , Nina pesa zangu ktk account hapa bank naogopa usilale usingizi ndo maana kila siku usiku napita kukuangalia kama umelala!!

soma zaidi kuhusu Mzee wa kichaga na hela zake. Angalia anachofanya

A USIKOSE: Hadithi inayogusa

Mtoto alifanya maamuzi ya kumpeleka baba yake ambaye alikuwa Mzee sana kwenye Makazi Maalum ya kulelea wazee ya Kanisa Katoliki iliyokuwa CHINI ya uratibu wa Padre. Alifanya hivyo Baada ya kushauriwa Na mkewe aliyekuwa akiona Ni kero kumlea baba Mkwe wake nyumbani kwao.

soma zaidi kuhusu USIKOSE: Hadithi inayogusa

A Ladha ya bia

Ladha ya bia ya 1 hadi ya 6..

soma zaidi kuhusu Ladha ya bia

A The scientific death of Jesus Christ

For the next 60 seconds, set aside whatever
You're doing and take this opportunity! To share this

soma zaidi kuhusu The scientific death of Jesus Christ

A Alichofanya mke baada ya mme wake kupenda kumchunga sana

Siku ya kwanza
MUME: Halooo vipi mke wangu salama weye?.
MKE: Salama tu
MUME: Uko wapi?
MKE: Jamani si niko nyumbani
MUME: Mhh kama kweli uko nyumbani washa blender nisikie…..mkeΒ­ akawasha blender
MKE: Umesikia?
MUME: Okay haya mi natoka kazini naja

soma zaidi kuhusu Alichofanya mke baada ya mme wake kupenda kumchunga sana

A Jinsi ya kupika Roast ya biringanya na mayai

Mara nyingi biringanya hutumika kama kiungo cha nyongeza katika mchuzi. Hata hivyo, kiungo hiki kinaweza kupikwa chenyewe na kutoa mchuzi wenye ladha ya kipekee.

soma zaidi kuhusu Jinsi ya kupika Roast ya biringanya na mayai

Posti za sasa

A Wosia mzuri wa baba kwa mwanae

Mwanangu, mimi baba yako nimeishi miaka mingi kuliko wewe ndio maana unaniita baba. Ni kweli sijasoma kama wewe ulivyosoma Ila mambo niliyokutana nayo tangu nimezaliwa ni elimu tosha ambayo wewe huna. Sasa nataka nikupe Elimu hiyo ili ukijumlisha na elimu yako ya darasani ujue namna nzuri ya kuishi katika dunia hii iliyojaa mishangazo mingi.

soma zaidi kuhusu Wosia mzuri wa baba kwa mwanae

A leo mama alinikataza nictoke nyumbani usiku nijisomee !

Mzee wa miaka 60 alimwambia mkewe, leo nataka tukumbukie enzi zetu kutongozana, mke akajibu sawa, inabidi unisubiri mwembeni saa 1 usiku nitapita, mzee akafika saa 1 alikaa hadi saa 5 usiku, aliporudi nyumbani akamuuliza mkewe kwa hasira; sasa tumepanga nin halafu haujatokea ?
Mke; leo mama alinikataza nictoke nyumbani usiku nijisomee ! Babu hoii…

soma zaidi kuhusu leo mama alinikataza nictoke nyumbani usiku nijisomee !

A Naona ila naona panya tu

Kuna jamaa alipata ajali akapofuka macho, akaenda hospital akawekewa macho ya paka,
dokta akamuuliza: vipi saizi unaona?
jamaa: naona ila naona panya tu

soma zaidi kuhusu Naona ila naona panya tu

A STORY Be that kind of woman

Sometime ago, a man went with his wife in their car to a fuel station, while they were buying the fuel, the man discovered that it was the wife's ex boyfriend that is attending to them, He then smiled and turned to his wife and said, "you would have ended up marrying that petrol attendant", but the wife smiled and said, "if I had married him, He will be the one sitting by the steering of the car"

soma zaidi kuhusu STORY Be that kind of woman

A Jifunze kuwajali wazazi kwa kusoma kisa hiki

Lameck alikuwa akiendesha gari kwa kasi sana alipokutana na akina Mama watatu ambao walinyoosha mkono kumuomba lift, ingawa alikua na haraka lakini aliwaonea huruma na kusimama, sehemu waliyokuwa ilikuwa ni kichakani na kwakuwa alikuwa peke yake hakuona sababu ya kuwanyima lift.

soma zaidi kuhusu Jifunze kuwajali wazazi kwa kusoma kisa hiki


Recent studies suggest a multitude of entrepreneurial influences, grounded on a number of theoretical paradigms. As a starting point, entrepreneurial outcomes are viewed as lying along a continuum which separates low and high performances in entrepreneurship, which are then envisioned to be associated with high and low barriers.


A Nini kinachokufanya udhani utashindwa sasa

Kwa mujibu wa Biologia, baada ya tendo la kukutana kimwili takribani mbegu milioni 200 hadi 300 hutolewa na mwanaume…halafu zote huanza kupiga mbizi kuogelea kwenye njia safarini kukutana na yai la kike.

soma zaidi kuhusu Nini kinachokufanya udhani utashindwa sasa

A Niliona kitoroli kidogo kimepaki kina matairi mawili

Boss mmoja aliingia kazini kwake kasahau kufunga zipu ya suruali yake sasa secretary wake akamfuata na mazungumzo yakawa hivi:

soma zaidi kuhusu Niliona kitoroli kidogo kimepaki kina matairi mawili

A Dalili za mahusiano feki, mahusiano ya kichina

Ukitaka kujua Simu ya Kichina utajua tu jinsi ilivyo na makelele mengiiiii sana wakati wa kuita….Sasa ukitaka kujua relationship feki ya kichina utaona tu makelele yalivyo mengi kama ile simu…Watu hawatulii kwenye wall,mara I miss my baby,mara baby come back,mara baby this,ooh my man/Girl is special,mara picha …mi and my baby,full kujishaua..ukiona wall zenye hayo makelele asilimia 90 ni penzi la kichina na lazima lina double line.Relationship serious na Original hazina makeke wala mikelele mingi kama hiyo yako na milio mikubwa ya ajabu na vibration ambazo zinaweza kufyeka hata majani.TULIA,hatuhitaji kujua who is ur baby au umemmiss,ukimmiss mpigie simu hukooo! Ebooo!!!

soma zaidi kuhusu Dalili za mahusiano feki, mahusiano ya kichina

A Cheki huyu mwanamke anavyomkomoa mme wake baada ya kumsaliti

MKE: Mbona unanukia pafyumu ya kike?
MUME: Yaa kuna mwanamke tulikuwa tumeminyana ndani ya daladala
MKE: Na lipstiki kwenye shati?
MUME: Tulikumbatiana na wageni toka Zambia walitembelea ofisi yetu
MKE: Na ile kondom iliyotumika kwenye mfuko wa suruali?
MUME: Bwana ee acha maswali ya kijinga mi nalala nina usingizi
MKE: Lazima niulize mie huwa nahakikisha nimeacha kila kitu hukohuko ndio narudi nyumbani
MUME: Umesema nini wewe?
MKE: Bwana ee acha maswali ya kijinga mi nalala nina usingizi. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

soma zaidi kuhusu Cheki huyu mwanamke anavyomkomoa mme wake baada ya kumsaliti