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A Mapishi ya Supu Ya Maboga

Blue band vijiko vikubwa 2
Maziwa vikombe 2
Royco kijiko kikubwa 1-2
Pilipili manga (unga) kijiko cha 1
Chumvi kiasi Maji lita 2-3
Boga kipande Β½
Viazi mviringo 2
Vitunguu 2
Karoti 2
Nyanya 2

soma zaidi kuhusu Mapishi ya Supu Ya Maboga

A Business Concept and Idea Development

In order to market your product or service, you will want to be very clear about what it is that your business actually does or has to offer. You should be able to quickly and accurately describe your business concept in just a few sentences.

soma zaidi kuhusu Business Concept and Idea Development

A Hivi Jay kweli kapona?

Jay akaruhusiwa kwenda nyumbani kutoka hospital ya Vichaa, akapakiwa ktk ambulance hadi karibu na nyumbani kwake, akaulizwa unapakumbuka? akajibu ndio nyumba yangu ileee, mara wakatoka watoto wawili wamevaa uniform akasema watoto wangu walee wanakwenda shule.. akatoka mwanamke akasema na mke wangu yulee, ghafla akatoka mwanaume Jay akasema na mimi yule naenda kazini. hivi Jay kweli kapona?

soma zaidi kuhusu Hivi Jay kweli kapona?

A How to develop your personality

Each person is unique: Remember that each individual is different and has his or her unique characteristics and qualities. Comparing yourself with others around only increases the distress, especially when you start focusing on where you are lacking compared to others. It is important that you channelize your energy towards your positive traits. Do not get swayed by media portrayals: Media portrays people in its own idiosyncratic ways. It does not mean what or how you should be. Personality matters, not looks alone: It is not just looks that are important and that define who you are. Personality defines who you are and how you respond in various situations. It is essential to focus on the personality, which matters the most. Learn social skills: Just looking good will never be sufficient to take you forward in life or help you in your relationships with people. Instead, hone your social skills. The more success one has in social spheres of life, the better you would feel about yourself. Have a healthy lifestyle: Life is a balancing act. Learning to balance different aspects of life is integral to a wholesome life. Have a good, balanced diet and exercise. Do not avoid social interactions: Just because you feel you aren't good-looking, do not avoid meeting people. The more you shun social interaction, the worse you would feel about yourself. Know your positives: If every individual has his or her limitations, then he or she also has positives. These positive are what you need to concentrate on. Know your strengths. Acknowledge them and work with them. Get healthy peer support: Peers are an important part of your support system. Having peers who are supportive can contribute to our understanding of situations, giving alternative perspectives. Talk to parents and friends: The difficulties you might face in evaluating yourself in a positive light can be taken care of by talking to family and friends. Develop media literacy skills: Learn to see messages in the media in a dispassionate manner. Try and develop this skill so that you are able to integrate what the media shows in a realistic manner. Everyone has their notion of how people should look and dress, etc… All these diverse perceptions can lead individuals to believe that they need to be a particular way, and if not, then it implies something negative about them. This can frequently affect one's moods and behaviour. Know Yourself: The first step on your quest to develop your personality is to know yourself. It is very important to know yourself in order to figure out what needs to be done to modify your existing personality. Knowing yourself is not about knowing your favorite color, food and etc. It is about knowing your limitations and plus points. You must be aware of your abilities so that you can use them when the time comes. You need to analyze yourself and find out what is it that you lacking in. Are you short tempered or do you panic easily or is that you can't speak in a group. Find out and then accordingly we can work on your personality. Comparison: You need to accept one thing that you cannot be best at everything. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. You are different from others; you have your own set of talents and abilities. Just because there is someone around who is great at a think you are not good at does not mean he is better than you. There will be things that he cannot do but you can. No one is perfect in this world. So never compare yourself to others. It does more harm than good. Love yourself and you will definitely achieve a better personality. Courteous: Personality as I said is not just about how you look. It is how you present yourself. It is how you impress others. An expressionless and monotonous tone will get you nowhere. You need to have an attitude that is pleasing so that you are welcomed wherever you go. Be courteous and humble. Greet your juniors with a smile and reply back to their greetings. At times have lunch together or offer your lunch to them. Be available for your people and you will become dependable for them. This is a remarkable trait for your personality. Mannerism weighs a lot in the professional world. Body Language: Having a personality takes into account everything. Not just the way you dress up and talk but also your body language. How you walk, sit , eat , how you behave when others are talking etc make a huge impact on others. Your body language is therefore a very important is very aspect of your personality. Have a relaxed posture. Walk upright do not droop or be extra rigid. When others in a group are talking have a relaxed tone. Do not get involved with the surroundings but pay attention to the speaker. If he is talking to you have a calm eye contact and not staring or distracted. Have a good body language that shows that you are confident. Physique: The easiest way to achieve a good personality is to have a good physique. It cannot be denied that a good physique is very important. It is a very important part of your personality. Your physique not only sets an impression but it speaks a lot about you. A good physique says that you are a well planned person. You think about yourself and about your health. It also gives a perception that you are away from bad habits and company. It really says a lot about you. So start exercising and stay fit to develop your personality. Speech: A very vital part of any personality development program is to help you speak better. By speaking better I do not mean using big words and giving speeches. The words you use are very important. Have a decent and simple manner of speaking. Use a language that is understood by all. Now a day's English has the top priority. If you do not have grips over this language enroll yourself with some coaching class. When you speak in a group see to it that your words are not offending or agitating. When to speak is more important than what to speak. So take care of your speech as much as you can. Appreciate: A great personality knows how to impress and make an impact. In the professional world where you work or stay in a group; to be accepted by others is very important. All the pain of building a personality is to be accepted so that we can move on and work in a better way. Develop a habit of appreciating your mates no matter how small the work is. Although take care that you are not being fake. Appreciating others makes you a very friendly person. You also motivate your mates and that makes you a better employee as well. Thus a simple habit of appreciating helps you develop your personality by making you a little selfless. Attire: Yes personality is not all about dressing up but the way you dress does have an impact on your personality. So even if not the most important you attire is definitely one of the most important aspect of your personality. Dress up in a decent manner. Be professional and avoid flashy colors. Avoid unnecessary piercing on your body or tattoos. Wear neatly ironed and unstained clothes. Look pro essional or according to the environment of your working place. It is very important to develop your personality to have a great sense of dressing. Confidence: I will definitely say that this is the most important thing to be achieved to obtain a better personality. You have to be confident with whatever you do. Your confidence says that you know about your work and you are well aware of your abilities. If you shy of speaking in public then you have to start speaking as having confidence is very important. Believe in yourself and to help you build confidence read success stories of other people. Have motivational slogans and pictures on your board etc to help you boot your confidence.

soma zaidi kuhusu How to develop your personality

A Tofauti kati ya Binti wa Kizungu na Binti wa Kibongo

Tofauti ya Binti wa Kizungu na Binti wa Kibongo pale ambapo Mwanaume wake atokapo kuoga. Binti wa Kizungu: Baby you look nice and fresh. Binti wa Kibongo: Naona safari imeiva, Mwanaume hupumziki kama nesi wa zamu πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

soma zaidi kuhusu Tofauti kati ya Binti wa Kizungu na Binti wa Kibongo


1. Kununua Mashine za kukoroga zege na
2. Kununua Mashine za kukata vyuma na
3. Kutengeneza na kuuza tofali
4. Ufundi, Website updating/Database: Katika
Halmashauri, Manispaa, Mashule, Wizara, Wilaya
na Makampuni mbalimbali.
5. ** Kuanzisha kituo cha redio na televisheni


A Vichekesho vya kukuondoa mawazo leo

Jamaa aliibiwa kadi yake ya benk akaulizwa kama ameripoti polisi akajibu "sijaripoti bado, mwizi mwenyewe hamfikii matumizi kama mke wangu.

soma zaidi kuhusu Vichekesho vya kukuondoa mawazo leo

A Cheki huyu jamaa alivyoumbuka kwenye harusi

Jamaa mmoja alialikwa ktk harusi. Akafika mlango Wa 1 umeandikwa kulia ni ndugu Wa maharusi, kushoto ni wageni waalikwa, akaenda kushoto maana yy alialikwa. Akakuta mlango wa2 umeandikwa kulia wenye zawadi kushoto wasionazawadi yy hakuwa na zawadi. Mlango Wa 3 umeandikwa kulia wanawake kushoto waume akapita kushoto akajikuta ametokea mtaani

soma zaidi kuhusu Cheki huyu jamaa alivyoumbuka kwenye harusi

A Stori inayogusa!!

Habari ya mama aliyeuguliwa ghafla na mtoto wake majira ya SAA 2 usiku, mtoto alibanwa na kifua(asthma), hali ilikuwa mbaya na mama akaenda kuomba msaada kwa jirani yake aliyekuwa na gari, akamjibu gari haina mafuta, akaenda kwa mchungaji ili amsaidie, akamjibu nina wachungaji toka USA, hivyo sitaweza kuwaacha peke yao, mama hakuwa na jinsi aliamua kumbeba mtoto ili amuwahishe hospitali akiwa na hofu asije kufa kama baba yake aliyefariki miaka michache kwa ugonjwa huo. Huyo mama alikuwa na tatizo la mguu na mtoto alikuwa mzito, mama alianguka Mara kadhaa na akainuka kuendelea na safari. Njiani alikutana na watu waliotoka kazini aliomba wamsaidie walimpuuza na alijaribu kusimamisha magari hayakusimama. Kichaa mmoja mchafu aliyekuwa akizungukazunguka mitaani na jalalani alipomuona yule mama anavyohangaika na mtoto akamwendea na kumchukua mtoto, kisha akamweka begani, mama hakuwa na la kusema ila kumwelekeza Hospitali, yule kichaa alielewa akaenda haraka hadi Hospitali. Ma doctor walipomuona yule kichaa na mtoto wakajua kuna dharura, wakamchukua mtoto na kumhudumia haraka, baada ya dk.10, mama wa mtoto akawasili, kisha ma doctor wakatoa taarifa kuwa, mtoto angecheleweshwa dk 5 angekufa. Mungu alimtumia yule kichaa mchafu kuokoa maisha ya mtoto. Hivyo usimteegemee Mch, jirani, wenye magari, matajiri nk. Mungu huweza kuinua MTU usiyemdhania kukubariki. Mwamini Mungu atakubariki. Usitumainie wanadamu hakuna baraka kwao. Mungu huinua vinyonge ilI kuangusha vyenye nguvu. Tuma ujumbe huu wa BARAKA kwa watu japo wanne ili kushiriki BARAKA hizi za Mungu, ujumbe huu waweza tena nitumia nami ktk kutakiana BARAKA za MUNGU WETU.

soma zaidi kuhusu Stori inayogusa!!

A Clear explanation of Planning

Planning means looking ahead and checking out future course of action to be followed. It is a preparatory step. Planning is a detailed programme regarding future course of action. It determines on when, how and who is going to perform a specific task

soma zaidi kuhusu Clear explanation of Planning

A Madhara ya zinaa kisayansi

Wengi katika wanadamu wanajaribu kuhoji kwa nini Mwenyezi Mungu anakataza zinaa wakati kuingiliana baina ya mke na mume na kuingiliana baina ya hawara na hawara mambo ni yale yale, sasa kwa nini akataze???

soma zaidi kuhusu Madhara ya zinaa kisayansi

A Kichekesho cha mke wa mvuvi

Mvuvi mmoja alikua akiishi na mke wake huku
akiwa hajui kama mkewe malaya,
Leo hii kamuaga mkewe baada ya kuondka
mkewe akaanza kuingiza wanaume kama
Hawara 1;nakupenda
Mke Wa Mvuvi;oke, Nipe Penz Haraka Kabla
Mume wngu hajarudi.
Hawara 1;oke!
Basi picha likaanza wakati wanaendelea mara
mlango ukagongwa, akamwambia hawara mume
wangu huyo jifiche darini jamaa akafanya,, mke
wa mvuvi akaelekea mlangon kumbe alikua
hawara 2.
mke wa mvuvi; aaahaa kumbe ni wewe nilijua
mume wangu bas njo haraka kabla mume wangu
picha likaendelea huku wa darini akiona vyote,
mlangon kukagongwa
mke wa mvuvi; mume wangu hyo jifiche uvungun
jamaa akafanya kisha mke akajikoki kumpokea
mke wa mvvi; oooh! mume wngu pole umechoka
eeh leo umepata samaki mkubwa nashukuru sana
tulikua hatuna mboga
mvuvi;usinishukuru mimi mshukuru aliye juu.
hawara 1; sipo mwenyewe mwingine yupo
uvunguni… kwekwekwekwekwe g9t my best

soma zaidi kuhusu Kichekesho cha mke wa mvuvi

A Jinsi ya kulima vitunguu (vitunguu maji) kwa mbinu za kilimo bora na kwa faida

Vitunguu ni zao la mbogamboga na hulimwa kwa ajili ya balbu zake ambazo hutumika kama kiungo cha chakula. Vitunguu vina matumizi mengi sana na vina madini joto, chuma, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C na vitamin E.
Vitunguu hulimwa na hukubali zaidi nyanda za baridi. Nyanda zenye joto vitunguu hulimwa pia. Vitunguu vinaweza kulimwa mwaka mzima endapo maji yanapatikana.

soma zaidi kuhusu Jinsi ya kulima vitunguu (vitunguu maji) kwa mbinu za kilimo bora na kwa faida

Posti za sasa

A Story of Peter and his Girlfriend Mercy

*Peter and his girlfriend Mercy were walking during the night..*

soma zaidi kuhusu Story of Peter and his Girlfriend Mercy

A Angalia huyu boyfriend alivyomuweza huyu msichana wake

Siku moja msichana alikuwa anapita maeneo ya A.T.M gafla
akamuona boyfriend wake anatoa pesa kwenye A.T.M binti
akaamua kujificha na kumtumia boyfriend wake sms ya
"Honey kama upo nyumbani umelala naomba unitumie ndoto
Kama unakula nitumie chakula, Kama unacheka nitumie kicheko
Kama unalia nitumie machozi yako,Kama unatoa pesa kwenye
A.T.M nitumie pesa." Boyfriend akajibu "NIKO CHOONI LABDA

soma zaidi kuhusu Angalia huyu boyfriend alivyomuweza huyu msichana wake

A Tofauti kati ya Binti wa Kizungu na Binti wa Kibongo

Tofauti ya Binti wa Kizungu na Binti wa Kibongo pale ambapo Mwanaume wake atokapo kuoga. Binti wa Kizungu: Baby you look nice and fresh. Binti wa Kibongo: Naona safari imeiva, Mwanaume hupumziki kama nesi wa zamu πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

soma zaidi kuhusu Tofauti kati ya Binti wa Kizungu na Binti wa Kibongo

A Jinsi ya kupika mboga ya majani ya mashona nguo

Mashonanguo mkono 1
Tui la nazi kikombe 1
Karanga zilizosagwa kikombe Β½
Mafuta vijiko vikubwa 4
Kitunguu 1
Nyanya ndogo 2
Chumvi kiasi

soma zaidi kuhusu Jinsi ya kupika mboga ya majani ya mashona nguo

A Jinsi ya kupika Mchuzi Wa Ngogwe Na Bamia

Ngogwe Β½ kg
Kitunguu 2
Bamia ΒΌ kg
Karoti 2
Mafuta vijiko vikubwa 8
Maji vikombe 3 Mayai 2
Nyanya 2

soma zaidi kuhusu Jinsi ya kupika Mchuzi Wa Ngogwe Na Bamia

A Vidokezo vya kukusaidia ule mboga za majani zaidi

Pika mboga mpya za majani au zilizogandishwa kwa barafu katika wimbi mikro kwa mlo wa haraka na rahisi kuongeza kwa mlo wowote. Pika maharagwe ya kijani, karoti, au brokoli kwa mvuke katika bakuli na kiwango kidogo cha maji katika wimbi mikro kwa mlo wa haraka.

soma zaidi kuhusu Vidokezo vya kukusaidia ule mboga za majani zaidi

A Mathematicians view of life

Mathematicians say LIFE is like a line segment drawn from point B to point D.

soma zaidi kuhusu Mathematicians view of life

A Basi juzi kati hapa sehemu ndogo ya ukuta wa Ikulu ya Magogoni ilianguka!..

Basi juzi kati hapa sehemu ndogo ya ukuta wa Ikulu ya Magogoni ilianguka!..
Wakapelekwa contractors watatu ili achaguliwe mmoja atakayejenga vzr na kwa bei nafuu!..
Wakwanza alikuwa MUHINDI, wa pili MCHINA na MBONGO!…

soma zaidi kuhusu Basi juzi kati hapa sehemu ndogo ya ukuta wa Ikulu ya Magogoni ilianguka!..

A STORY Be that kind of woman

Sometime ago, a man went with his wife in their car to a fuel station, while they were buying the fuel, the man discovered that it was the wife's ex boyfriend that is attending to them, He then smiled and turned to his wife and said, "you would have ended up marrying that petrol attendant", but the wife smiled and said, "if I had married him, He will be the one sitting by the steering of the car"

soma zaidi kuhusu STORY Be that kind of woman

A Tabia 10 zinazoweza kuharibu figo

1.Kubana mkojo kwa muda mrefu
2.Kutokunywa maji ya kutosha kila siku
3.Kutumia chumvi nyingi kuliko kawaida
4.Kula nyama mara kwa mara au mara nyingi
5.Kutokula chakula cha kutosha
6.Kuchelewa kujitibu maambukizi madogo
madogo haraka na kwa usahihi
7.Kutumia visivyo dawa za kutuliza maumivu
8.Kutumia dawa kwa ajili ya insulin kwa muda
9.Kunywa pombe.
10.Kutopata muda wa kutosha wa kupumzika
USHAURI!!Kunywa glasi 2 za juisi ya parachichi
(avocado). Na angalau bilauli nne za maji asubuh
badala ya supu ya kongoro.. kila siku kutaziweka
figo zako katikahali ya usafi na afya.

soma zaidi kuhusu Tabia 10 zinazoweza kuharibu figo