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Welcome to my Blog (AckySHINE Blog)

My name is Melkisedeck Leon Shine from Kilimanjaro Tanzania, I am a Rural development expert by profession, Agriculturalist, web developer, entrepreneur and technology enthusiast.

Welcome to my blog — place for ideas, comments, interesting hacks. Thanks for visiting and… enjoy!

About Me

Name: Melkisedeck Leon Shine
Origin: Rombo, Kilimanjaro (Chagga)
Other name: Ackyshine
Age: 23Yrs old
Sex: Male
Religion: Christian Roman Catholic
Country: Tanzania, Kilimanjaro.
Education Level: Bachelor Degree

For more information contact me here>>> or at moc.enihsykca|ofni#moc.enihsykca|ofni

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Ordinary Level

Agricultural Science, Basic Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English Language, Kiswahili, Geography, History & Civics

Advance Level

Galanos Agricultural Secondary School

Science and practice of Agriculture, Biology, Chemistry, Basic Applied Mathematics & General Studies

Bachelor Degree

Sokoine University of Agriculture

Bachelor of Rural Development